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Werner said the tension rose when he asked what he had done wrong and for Rudin's badge number. Werner tried to take the officers' picture with his cell phone, and one of them knocked the phone out of his hand, he said.Werner's friend had walked away by the time the officers handcuffed Werner. federal and Texas law enforcement authorities paying close attention to Tiffany Hartley, who has gone on a media blitz sharing her story about alleged pirates who shot her husband while riding a jet ski on the Mexican side of Falcon Lake?

Instead, she is a professional model who is only 10 and wearing the most expensive clothing on the pages of an elite magazine.

What is a child doing selling sex who has no sex hormones and no sexuality?

The body language in the first photo is especially disturbing to me as it showcases her long legs via some high-heels.

"Any coward who supports abortion has the blood of babies on their hands," Werner said they preached near West Sixth Street and St. "Live for Jesus Christ and you're guaranteed to go straight to heaven.

Live for yourself, and you'll go straight to hell." Suddenly, the police showed up.

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