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The cloth dolls that Beatrice went on to create to stock her father's shop are extremely rare collectors items.To the right, you will see an all cloth Alice in Wonderland.

In the 1930s, for example, she reissued her Alice in Wonderland cloth doll and those of the four March sisters from Little Women to coincide with the film releases of these classics.

I didn't want to make just ordinary dolls with unmeaning, empty smiles on their painted lips and a squeaky way of saying 'mama' after you pinched. You have no idea how I labored over noses and mouths so that they would look real and individual.

In 1936, Fortune magazine listed the Alexander Doll Company as one of the top three doll manufactures in the United States; the company would go on to become the largest dollmaker in the country, operating out of several factories and employing 1,500 at its peak.

Everyone discovers a doll sooner or later that is hard to identify.

A good doll identification guide will always help, as will a magnifying glass.

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