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But, single moms all too often don’t have the money spare to enjoy the best things about Ohio.

Single moms have too much to do and too much to worry about…like how to pay for childcare, how to find the money to put good food on the table and how to finance their children’s education.

Loads of smoking hot moms showing off their goodies and all you have to do is pick. these hungry mommies are so eager - they don't stop emailing you. These cougars have been around the block and can teach you a thing or two about sexual deviation!

Lowlights: To be honest with you, this huge stock of horny moms who incessantly demand your undivided attention can be somewhat exhausting... The Jist: Senior Friend Finder is well-organized and very user-friendly.

Dating someone when you are older isn't as easy as one might think.

You may simply wish to meet the right person at the right time.

Ohio can be a really good state to call home: The fabulous countryside, the Great Lake Erie, good education systems and a vibrant culture.

It can help you, if you are eligible, with various areas of your life and make it better, so check it out now.

Joy Lane, who Stephens described in a Facebook Live video before the shooting as "the love of my life," would eventually be subjected to death threats and even driven to apologize to the public, as if she, and not the gunman, is to blame.

Though Stephens' crime and videotaped manifestos shocked the world, they fell into a framework familiar to Jane Granzier, associate director of crisis services at Cleveland's Frontline Services: personal issues, perhaps untreated mental illness and a broken heart all combine in a whirlwind of powerlessness to drive a man to unleash violence, blame the woman that he lost and, eventually, take his own life.

Tuesday, when Stephens shot himself inside his white 2016 Ford Fusion as state troopers in Erie, Pennsylvania approached his car.

The suicide came about 48 hours after Stephens first began broadcasting on Facebook Live his plans to commit violence.

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