Dating on a dime ideas

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Cooking stores aren't the only places with free how-tos: "Hardware stores like Lowe's and The Home Depot have DIY seminars. "We go to our favorite ice-cream shop and get sundaes, then drive around town and get in some quiet time." --OSUWIFEY096. You've already invested in a Wii, now use it for date night. One of my favorites was volunteering for a local farm to harvest veggies that are then sold at ridiculously low prices to people in need.

"A really fun date is going to the golf course and playing just nine holes. Even if you guys aren't good, it's still fun." -- BRIGHTEYES8888. For a feel-great date: "Volunteer together somewhere.

"My husband and I take a bat and a ball to a local school and play around." Get into it with knee-high socks, baseball hats or even your favorite team's jersey.

You'll get to experience a little bit of another country right inside Golden Gate Park." --BRITTNEY15. "Schedule a theme dinner and movie night at home." Create a menu based on the movie you're watching (i.e., spaghetti for a Francis Ford Coppola flick) and make it together before watching.

This brings its own challenges though, like how to get the conversation flowing when there’s no menu to talk about or what do that’s a little unique? So, make sure it's an inexpensive bottle of wine and cheap cheese." --ANHG8014. You don't even have to leave the city limits: "We live in San Francisco, so we visit the Japanese Tea Garden and pack a lunch. Moore or Michaels craft store and buy things that we can make to decorate the outside of our house! You can check out the passes like a library book." --DARINGMISS12. "If you look in any local paper, you can usually find an entertainment section full of cheap activities in the next few days." Stick to your own neighborhood so you won't have to use extra gas or waste travel time. -- but be warned: "We did this once to be cheap, and ended up spending about .Each one will have a description, some photos, level of difficulty and most importantly a GPS location so your phone can guide you to where it is (like a tech-compass).Each Geocache is different, some will be out bush, whereas others will be right in the heart of the CBD so you can tack this date on after your next leisurely brunch.

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