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It’s better to walk briskly and confidently to the podium.You do not want to look like a foot dragger who can’t think of something to say.We’ll miss the balmy days but we have lots to look forward to, for example, the club’s Humourous Speech and Table Topics contest to be held on September 29th. Many people avoid Table Topics because they fear impromptu speaking. But, as Mike Proudlock stressed, you can prepare for the Table Topics contest. Here are some of Mike’s tips and given that he has won many TT contests in the past, his ideas are well worth considering. leave your comfortable but ragged blue jeans at home.

Is it more important to be book smart or street smart? If you could have front row seats to any concert who would you like to see? These engaging questions inspire the best kinds of conversation – whether over cocktails or at a dinner party. “To help Great-aunt Mildred find something to talk about with your sister’s tattooed teenage daughter, bring this fun kit of 135 conversation-starting questions.” - O, The Oprah Magazine, Favorite Things Issue “Cocktail Conversation…bring it to the next level with Table Topics…a set of 135 cards with clever questions.” – Vanity Fair “…these little boxes are awesome." or "How much do you need in the bank to feel secure?" Explore the "gray" areas of life with the What Would You Do?At Toastmasters, Impromptu Speaking is the ability to speak "off the cuff", without preparation and without notes, on a topic you have just been given.This is a regular part of a Toastmasters meeting, and everyone who does not have a major speaking role at the meeting usually participates in "table topics", or impromptu speaking. Each Table Topics speaker breaks the cookie and speaks for their allotted time on the contents of the fortune cookie. Describe how to do something without the use of hand gestures. Those who have not spoken vote for the winning team based on the strength of the arguments.

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