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On and off screen she is simply wonderful, I felt very lucky at the time to be watching Lucy Boynton work knowing serious success is likely on the horizon for her. John is a storyteller to the core, he literally never stops coming up with ideas and was encouraging beyond belief. He has an unrivalled ability to match film and music I think, and as I’ve gotten older I’ve needed his advice on several things and he always delivers and looks out for me. I have tried and failed several times and I’ve accepted that it’s not something I’m going to be good at, particularly considering I’m always with Mark Mc Kenna who is a prodigy.

The cast and crew of The CW’s “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend” were on-hand for a panel discussion for prospective Emmy voters Wednesday night at the TV Academy’s Wolf Theater in North Hollywood.

I made lifelong friends with the cast – I’m in touch with all of them regularly but I see Mark (Eamon) a lot, he lives nearest.

Mark never stops drinking my tea and eating the food in my house.

If you are in the NYC/NJ area you can set your radio dial (do they still have dials?

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However, explaining that if you knew him in daily life you would know he ‘truly couldn’t be further’ from his bully counterpart, Ian allows me to step into the world behind the Bray.

During the conversation you will hear Jean, Oscar, Norris and Jerry discuss the song tradition and variations in folk song.

I found it incredibly insightful and a rare opportunity to hear from individuals who helped build the folk community that we continue to enjoy.

The Borderline Folk Music Club will present an evening with bluegrass group SHOREGRASS on Saturday November 17th at 8PM.

A bizarre series of hoots, whistles, and clucks, coming from the briar tangles, announces the presence of the Yellow-breasted Chat.

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