Stax validating xml

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Interface XMLStream Reader provides PULL API (compared to SAX which provides PUSH API).

It means that the programmer explicitly decides when to extract next event from the XML document and can get prepared to it beforehand.

we look at both DTD and XSD validation package com.jaxp; import

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Streaming API for XML provides interface XMLStream Reader which gives a low-level but very efficient cursor-like API for reading XML documents.

When using it we iterate over various events in XML document and extract information about these events.

It also checks whether XML document is well-formed and raises exception when it is not the case.

Unfortunately, it does not validate XML document against XML Schema so it has to be done in some other way.

After this comes closing of element indicated by This article is contributed by Kunal Sharma.

Once we are done with the current event, we move to the next one and continue.

The events can be for example the start of element, the end of element or characters data.

Then try to validate invalid (see line 46 below)and verify that the validation fails .

The output of the program demonstrating both validation success and failure scenarios is shown below.

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