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When Angela voices her concerns, he explains that his local community collectively paid for his education and he needs to pay them back, and that his sense of urgency in repaying them is due to his gratitude.

In another episode, he reveals that his mother calls the scholarship that allows him to intern at the Jeffersonian "the miracle", and jokingly remarks that she spends more time in church thanking God than the priest does.

In season 5, they are arrested because Hodgins is "driving like an old lady" and is sent to jail where they bond and realize that they should not have broken up.

When they are finally released, they decide to get married in the jail cell.

Later, during another game against team "The Fuzz", Wendell and Booth try to make suspect Lou Herrin bleed in order to gain a sample for DNA testing.

Wendell collects samples while playing, passing them off to Dr. While investigating Pete Carlson's fish tank, he inadvertently confesses that "the last time [he] did something like this, [he] ended up in juvie hall for the weekend." Then, in The Cinderella in the Cardboard, he tells Hodgins that he grew up on the streets, stating that it doesn't take long for him to get a "feel" for people.

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Hodgins surprises Angela with a "Be My Love" proposal using shrimp, and claims he loves their relationship just as it is.Angela is elated, and asks Hodgins to marry her immediately.He accepts, but their wedding is cut short when it is revealed that Angela was technically already married in Fiji.Wendell misunderstands Temperance Brennan's attempts to discover why younger men are attracted to older women, thinking that Brennan is hitting on him and worrying that the only way to keep his job would be to sleep with her.Angela Montenegro sets him straight, explaining that Brennan's interest in the subject is purely anthropological.

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